The Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra Diagram


Prof. Doris Ivie

Mr. Rip Lydick

Dr. Norman Magden

Prof. Dick Penner

Mr. Dominick White

Ms. Emily Schleiner

Statement for A-1 Chakras

One goat-herder is worth a thousand pictures.

One picture is worth 1,476 words.

One word is worth thirty-seven cents.

Blue Gadenias,” Blue Moon, Cordon Bleu, Blue Chakra, blue blood, “Blue Skies,” out of the blue , true blue, Bluebeard, Blue Stockings, St. Louie Blues, Blue Indigo, Cerulean Blue, Blue Danube, bleu, bas-bleu, j’en suis reste bleu, Bleu d’azur, Blue Bunny Ice Cream, J.J.’s Blues Band. Red. Rojo. Rouge.

Dada—Early Modernist movement launched

in 1916 by Tristan Tzara: anti-rational,

anti-aesthetic, anti-idealistic.




Peep through gargantuan forests
Tree, vine, star shine
Acclaim loudly – immortality….

A smiley sequence created again
A collection of onces
Cezanne, vanGogh, Picasso
Collaborate – collide A word’s voice,
Birds measure aphonic symphonic harmonic
Rumble whine repeat
‘Petit Doc’, Petit Doc’
Half second, half measure half note
Oboe sings singular regular, lenticular….

The River Garrone whispers
Echoes ‘Rio Grande’ Rio Puerco
My ear fills secret tranquil woes
Sorrow hums life passion enswooning
Passing epistles of youthful drowning
Young diing too soon – too young,
They reach beyond mother’s warm embrace
And pass this vesper onto another
Wind and voice crying weeping
Singing morning serenades;
Flowing to seas to speak over
Waves glittering far farther shores
Hearing them now The Throat Chortles
Happily merrily, happily merrily, merrily merrily.

Words have no existence
Harbor heavy heart’s –
Double entendre meaning nothing
That we can remember
Only recalling that which touches us –
Lingering over our happenstance
This new existence finding strength
Sings loud and clear voiced deep
Within our hearts and minds
An eternal essential struggle
To believe it all has power
It all has meaning, it all is love.

Heads held hearth and home
Burning, crumbling, dust – dust
Blows swirling howling winds roar
A mighty voice, a hurricane swallows
Children and ashes, annihilation
A pox humanitae, pox embracement
Pox commuanitae some very few believe
Righteousness exists within their
Interpretation of ancient scriptures
Destroy history, destroy heritage,
Monuments falling now
Monuments falling forever
Becoming the merest memory of
What once we all cherished in our
Way with our world embroiled
Ensnared in passion being - world
Heretics live forever – Salman
Knows all too well, he survived
To live again – reborn unto the ages.


Three Sages

Sage I

Rhythms follow light
pattern’s inherent reflection –
your voice in my ear tells tomorrow,
yesterday’s cause embrace
high mountain sunshine
valley shadow echoes,
they dream about creation -
mother’s love you know.

Sage II

Drunken stupor digress,
meets simple thoughts express,
retreats stumbles - chiaroscuro -
finch flirts now with Travis,
with time your impression of stars,
nothing mouthing stillness.

Sage III

Screams from your brain warn
you to jump, look, jump
love vows seem to be melting,
this bedroom swirls resonant – obscure,
jump to sane swing - flow into me…
my life you always touch sanity,
some word ill-kept in mind -
we don’t know fathomless pain,
nonchalant existent fight,
meaning time differences,
who we be anytime.



throat chakra image
throat chakra image
throat chakra image
throat chakra image