Time Walk

Video: "Walking"
Size: 13” x 13” x 48”
Media: sculpture, mixed media, video
Materials: wood, acrylic paints, glass, video projector

4-01-13 Davis, California. This sculpture begins with a quote from physics Professor Ronald Mallett: "When ever you do something to space, you affect time. Twisting space causes time to be twisted, meaning you could, theoretically, walk through time as you walk through space." Moving at different speeds simultaneously, a camera walks, runs, and rides over sidewalks. This video footage is then projected through a glass sculpture that reflects a full circle of movement across walls. The slowing down and speeding up time while expanding and shrinking space highlights subjectivity of time perception.
Time Walk won 3rd Place Prize in The 2014 Consilience of Art and Science, a juried exhibit at Pence Gallery, sponsored by UC Davis Art/Science Fusion program.